Essex Dog Training is.......
"1 Year Old."

Essex Dog Training is celebrating its 1st year........


And what a year it has been...


Emma started Essex Dog Training with the intent to help reduce the number of dogs that need to be re-homed by providing  positive training and helping people to understand their dogs.

More than 100 dogs and their owners have attended, Puppy, Dog SocalisatIon, or Training classes. 

Emma has carried out numerous home behavior visits, and worked with Dog rescue center's to try and rehabilitate dogs back into society.

She has even fostered a Chihuahua called Dave, which spent three weeks with us, going through intensive re-training. That training helped Dave to be sucessfully re-homed but not after leaving quite a heart tugging impression on us.

So all that is left to say is HAPPY BIRTHDAY Essex Dog Training and a very big well done Emma, I am, as I am sure all of your clients and doggies are, very proud of you.


Check out Essex Dog training facebook page @ to see what Essex Dog Training has been up to and its sucessful reviews.


Stephen Jenkinson (Emma's other half)